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Hey! I was looknig through a copy of one of my G's magazines and i've found some pictures from the negima Wii game - I'll try and scan them in on someones scanner and post them up soon! xxxxx
Hey guys, jsut saying lets not let this community go dead...! Negima! woo! xxxxxxxxxx
Hey! I've jsut found out that negima goes up to chapter 170 (which is the end of volume 18- which hopefully kazuki should be sending to me along with book 17 too becase i'm a bit behind with mnga atm due to spending my mney on alcholl!) finishes at chapter 170 ...and then is started again with a new story arc of negi and asuna going to wales to find his dad...! ahhhhh! how confusing is that!? but i'm glad to know the mystery of that chao girl will soon be resolved!!! :D


...and jo keep me updated on the tsubasa front too!!! :D
hehehe! i've been taking photos of NEGIMA! sorry i don't update here much! anyway a quote for you: FLANS!